About Me

I am Peter Dickinson. I have been working within the zoo field for over 50 years in the capacity of keeper, head keeper, curator and operations manager in Private, Commercial and National Zoos. For over 30 of those 50 years I have been carrying out discrete private consultation work with zoos, private individuals, private companies, government departments and other consultants. I don’t profess to be an expert on anything (I don’t like the word). I know a lot about some things and a little about some others and after 50 years am still learning. What I do have is hands on practical experience in a broad range of disciplines and an undying passion for the correct and caring welfare and management of captive animals.

My Photo

I describe myself in my Linkedin profile as an itinerant zoo keeper, a dreamer, a traveler, an introvert, a storyteller, a people watcher, a lover, a thinker, a cosmopolitan, a writer, a hedonist, an explorer, a pantheist, a gastronome, sometime fool, a good friend to some and a pain in the butt to others…..and I reckon that is a fair enough description.

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